Found one of our coupons? Alright! If it has a value of say, $25, you may receive a $25 discount off a guided trip offered by a member of the Rogue River Guides Association. Simply find a participating guide from our Guides web page that offers the trip you want and mention that you have a $25 coupon.

In order to qualify for this discount the trip you are interested in must have a value of $175.00 or more. Example:If your trip cost $$350 you pay $325.00. You must bring the coupon to receive the discount.

One coupon per trip please.

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A note about gratuity

A question we are often asked is: How much of a tip should we give?

Of course, it depends on how much fun you had on your trip and how hard your guide works for you. And by all means, a tip is not mandatory. We are happy as clams just to have you as a guest for the day. But we work very hard to make your guided trip an experience of a lifetime. So if you feel we deserve it, we really do appreciate it.

We generally get about $25 a day per head for fishing trips. If you caught your limit of steelhead or a 20lb salmon. You might want to add a little to that. Mention that there might be a little extra and watch your guide work twice as hard.

For rafting trips the average will depend on how many are in the boat. $50 per boat is a nice tip for four people or less. Add $10 per head after that and you will be fine. If in doubt, just pretend you are in a restaurant. 15% is very acceptable.

Have a great trip and don't forget your camera!

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